Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Children have a very different set of conditions which can affect their ears, noses and throats to adults. Due to specialist paediatric nursing requiremnets those age 16 and younger are seen at Musgrove Park Hospital via the private Parkside Suit (01823 342019)


Children tend to suffer from more ear infections than adults. These can be infections outside the ear drum (otitis externa) or behind the ear drum (otitis media).
A relatively common condition affecting children’s hearing is ‘glue ear’. This occurs when the tube connecting the back of the nose to the middle ear (Eustachian tube) has not fully opened and a thick gloopy glue like substance builds up. It often improves with time but small plastic tubes (grommets) in the ear drum can also resolve it.


Children have fleshy lumps like tonsils at the back of the nose called adenoids. These can be enlarged causing nasal obstruction, snoring, difficulty breathing whilst asleep (sleep apnoea) and excess nasal discharge. Children can also develop nasal allergies and rhinitis.


The most common throat problem to bring a child to the ENT clinic is tonsillitis. Tonsils help fight infections in the first year of life but afterwards can cause trouble by becoming repeatedly infected (tonsillitis) or causing difficulty breathing, especially at night  (obstructive sleep apnoea).  Please click here for more information.

Children can also have a variety of lumps, lymph nodes, persistent abscess and cysts on their necks.


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