More About a Ear Wax Removal

We all make cerumen or ear wax. It is a mixture of dead skin and the secretions from glands in the ear canal. Usually the skin migrates outwards from the ear drum taking and wax or debris with it. Some people seem to either make more wax or have ears which dont clear the wax. It is best not to use cotton buds to try to clean them as although you may get some wax out you will probably push some more in and impact it.

Ear wax is removed under the microscope so Mr Chisholm can see what he is doing rather than blind syringing. A suction device is used to suck the wax out. This can be part of an out patient appointment or alternatively a stand alone procedure for £115. You do not need a referral letter for this, just phone 01823 250611 to make your own appointment.


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