Hearing Test & Hearing Impairment

More About Hearing Test & Hearing Impairment

Hearing is a complex process whereby sound waves move the ear drum which, via a system of 3 small bones acting as levers, move fluid in the inner ear (cochlea) which bend microscopic hairs creating a nerve impulse.


Hearing loss can be divided into problems affecting the:

-External ear such as ear wax or debris blocking the ear canal.

-Middle ear problems such as fluid behind the ear drum (glue ear), perforations in the ear drum, reduced mobility or scarring of the bones of the middle ear (tympanosclerosis and otosclerosis).

– Inner ear problems affecting the hair cells of the cochlea or blood supply to the cochlea such as occurs with age or Meniere’s disease.



As part of your clinic appointment it is possible to have a hearing test which not only measures the level of hearing but also determines if any hearing loss is due to a conductive (external and middle ear) or inner ear problem.

Various types of hearing aids including invisible ones which lie next to the ear drum (Lyric) with nothing visible outside can be provided by the Nuffiled audiologist Katie Cross.


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