Thyroid, Head & Neck


Thyroid gland enlargement or ‘goitre’ can cause discomfort in the throat, swallowing or even breathing difficulties. Solitary nodules in the thyroid are often innocent findings but should be investigated.
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Salivary Glands

Salivary glands can become infected, inflamed (siladenitis), blocked by stones or develop lumps or tumours within them. The lumps may be benign lumps but should always be thoroughly investigated.
Neck Lumps

Neck lumps can arise from any underlying structure in the neck, such as lymph nodes, salivary glands or thyroid gland. Any lump in the neck present for 3 weeks or more should be assessed.
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Throat Cancer (larynx, pharynx, tongue, tonsil, neck)

Head and Neck Cancer is the term used to describe a variety of malignant tumours which develop in the mouth (Oral Cavity), throat (Pharynx), voice box (Larynx), salivary glands, the nose and sinuses.
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