If you have private health insurance the cost of the consultation and any further investigations which Mr Chisholm recommends such as endoscopic examination of nose or throat or scans are usually covered. It is always best to check with your insurance company beforehand.


The cost of an initial consultation is £220, follow up £120.

On top of this there is a separate fee for using and sterilisation of a nasendoscope (£256) to look inside the nose, examine the sinus openings, further down the throat and voice box. Nasal cautery costs £157.

Appointments to have ear wax removed can be made directly with the Nuffield without a GP referral and cost £131 in total.

Costs are subject to change and payable separately to Nuffield Health.

If you have health insurance

Mr Chisholm is recognised by all the major medical insurance companies (BUPA, BUPA International, AXA PPP, Norwich Union (Aviva), WPA, Standard Life, Pruhealth Cigna, Saga, Medisure etc.)  Patients are strongly advised to contact their Insurance Company prior to their appointment to confirm their cover and to obtain a preauthorisation number which will ease the reimbursement process.

Insurance Logos

Bank transfer, cash and personal cheque are accepted. Card payments are not. A receipt is available to claim reimbursement from Insurance Companies where appropriate.

If you don’t have health insurance

Approximately half of the patients we see do not have health insurance. For many people, ‘self pay’ is an attractive option. There is an initial consultation fee of £220, on top of these there is frequently a separate charge made payable to Nuffield Health for use of the nasendoscope.

The NHS and private health sectors are not mutually exclusive. Many patients like to have the rapid access and less time pressured environment of the private sector to discuss their ENT problems and treatment strategies whilst then changing back to the NHS sector for any operations etc. Although this does not help you ‘queue jump’ the NHS waiting list it does reduce the anxious time between GP referral and consultation.