More About Salivary Glands


Saliva is made by salivary glands in your cheeks (parotid),  below your jaw (submandibular) along with numerous smaller glands throughout the mouth. The saliva flows into the mouth along ducts. These ducts can become blocked, typically with a stone in the submandibular duct, causing pain and swelling when saliva is made.  


The salivary glands can also become infected causing pain, swelling and redness over the gland.


Several unusual conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder, can affect the salivary glands causing a dry mouth.


It is not uncommon for lumps or tumours to grow in salivary glands. Although these are often benign they should be thoroughly checked out and in most cases removal is advised to ensure they don’t continue to grow or change to something more sinister.



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